Tatkal passport renewal rejection NYC

Hi everyone, I am applying for my passport renewal in NYC Consulate and I sent in my application to add my spouse’s name without attaching the marriage certificate or his passport so my application was rejected (understandably).

The application packet returned from the consulate hasty extra pages where they have asked me to submit the reissue reason as “CHANGE IN EXISTING PERSONAL PARTICULARS” and choose “validity expired within 3 years/due to expire”. They have asked me to send my parent’s passport along with my husband’s passport.

The only issue here is that both my parent’s names are printed on my passport as First name middle name and surname and in their passport it is just first name and middle name. Will that create any issues with my tatkaal passport renewal application?

I suggest to file in normal application (not as tatkal) and then application should be fine.

They don’t usually accept changes in tatkal.

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