TCS not giving skill letter for second time

Hi Anil ,

Initially i received skill letter from TCS . Now my employer’s attorney(Fragomen) is saying the skill letter i took wont work . He told to get a new skill letter from tcs which matches the job description .
I contacted my managers they are reluctant to help me , they are saying they only give once.

I told fragomen about this , they said to get a rejection mail from HR in mail . But i am thinking they will reply like "we cant provide skill letter for the second time ", instead of “we dont give skill letter” .

  1. Wont USCIS question us , why you have to modify the skill letter (or) why have you not submitted the first skill letter tcs provided ?

  2. have u heard of any case where TCS provided skill letter for the second time ?
    Please advice .

Hi @raju

I think TCS did provide a letter second time in one of the case.

See this case:

Your manager has to approve it. Talk to them and explain your situation. That’s the only way.

Thank you so much anil . I got some hope . You are doing great by starting this forum . Its really helpful .

Cant we message others in this forum ? i dont see an option to message “Ganesh” , whom you mentioned here .

Hi @raju

You can contact other people but there are different level of access based on how active you are on the forum.

Different level are defined to protect privacy and stop spam. You can reply on the thread that other people have responded and they should be able to respond, if they want.


Hi Raju, Am in same boat and I want to get the skill letter second time from TCS. Are you able to get the skill letter second time from TCS? Kindly let me know