Teens Visa Stamping

I have a question regarding visa stamping for kids 14+ who have had their previous stamping as In Person, can they go for Dropbox on their next visit with family or they have to be separated.

Please read details below:

On our last visit in June 2021, we went as a family for Dropbox and My son was denied at Dropbox as he was 14+. So while we had dropbox, for my son we had to book separate In person appointments after we received our stamped visa.
Now we are planning to travel again and all of us are eligible for dropbox. So while booking appointments, can My Son go for dropbox as family with us or Do we need to book separate appointment for him.


Self, Spouse and Son 8 Years: All Consulate

Self, Spouse and Son 12 years : All Consulate
Last Visit in June 2021

Self and Spouse Dropbox, Son 14: Consulate

Planning a visit in June this year:

All eligible for Dropbox, can my son now 17 come with us for dropbox or do i need to book separate appointment for him.

Each person in the family has to be individually eligible for dropbox.

Check if your son is eligible. If he is, then he can use dropbox too.

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