Texas State Police Clearance PCC - Questions & Answers

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I am still not clear about this new procedure regarding how to get the Texas State PCC. I already got the fingerprints in the identoGO office, this is for immigration purposes ( 11F1Y1 - Texas Immigration). Checking the status on its website, it says: “Your enrollment has been successfully processed. Please allow up to 7 days for your agency to receive the results”. I asked the person from IdentoGO, about the next step the get the PCC, and she said: you will receive further instructions in your mail, today are 10 working days since the date of fingerprints were taken and I haven’t received anything.

  1. After the fingerprints, what I will receive in the email will be the Texas PCC? Even though, I haven’t requested to Texas DPS? or
  2. Do I have to do something else to get the Texas PCC?
    Thx in advance for your help to clarify my questions.

You will directly get the Texas PCC by mail.

They send two original copies signed by the authorized person.

No need to do anything. Just wait for the mail to arrive.

Awesome. Thx a lot for the help.!!!