The EOI for this subclass is able to be completed - 60 points

Hi Anil,
currently I do have only 60 points with ielts 7 in each but I am trying for PTE to get maximum points. Can you please suggest me that how much chances are there on 70 points? Also please clarify me what is pro-rata mean?

Also, I can also claim my spouse points under 272511 category, she has competent english but the problem is her assessment body requires 7 in each for positive assessment result which is very dificult for her to obtain in ielts. Please advise any alternative?

currently I have saved my details on skillselect website but when I go to the last page of submitting application it shows my claim point 60 and says that " The EOI for this subclass is able to be completed" could you please tell me what does this mean? I know minimum is 65 to be eligible.Please guide

I really appreciate your support and work on this forum.

Thanks in dvance


Hi @ahmed_suk

Chances of invite are low with 70 points.

You cannot claim spouse points until she has positive assessment for her job code.

You cannot file EOI unless you have minimum 65 points.