Total no. of photos for NRI passport renewal, hand-filled forms, and change of appearance


Probably this has been answered before but I could not find it in this forum. I have two questions regarding the online passport application process for NRI.

  1. After I submit the online passport application form, I generate a print out which has a space for one photo. There is also a change of appearance form requiring a photo. Now do I have to paste a photo in these 2 places and in addition, send 2 more photos in the package (thereby totaling to 4 photos or will it be just the 2 photos I paste in the forms). Note: I donā€™t have issues with sending more photos in the package, but I donā€™t want to send lesser number than required.

  2. The Annexure E and Change of Appearance have fields that are fillable in a PDF editor but they donā€™t have enough space. My full name and address are longer so some characters are hidden. A better way would be to download the form, fill out the required personal details by hand, and include in the package. Is this acceptable? If not, can I know the alternatives?

  3. The Change of Appearance form - I am renewing my passport after 10 years. I will be submitting an ā€˜appearance has not changedā€™ form. Assuming the passport issuing authority decide the appearance indeed changed, will they simply ask for a new form with ā€˜appearance has changedā€™ or will they ask to submit an entirely new application (essentially forcing me to start the entire process all over).

Please, any help is greatly appreciated!

  1. Affix 2 photos at required places. Extra photos not required, unless asked for.
  2. Yes you can fill or feel free to use the app Annexure E
  3. After 10 years it is expected that appearance would have changed. Selecting it will not impact anything.
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Thank you very much @Diwedy