Tourist visa (B1\B2) to Student Visa (F1) inland status changed


I have enter USA on tourist visa (B1\B2) in 2014 (Valid till 2024) and did status change to student visa (F1) got approved (No stamp on passport) inland I was in USA till 2018 on Student visa (F1). Then I moved to Canada (in 2018) got married to Canadian citizen. Currently having Indian citizenship and Canadian PR.

The question is these November 2022 my wife’s cousin getting married in USA and they have invited us for wedding can I still re enter USA on tourist visa (B1\B2 as its valid till 2024) or I need to re apply for new tourist visa because of change of status inland to student (F1) and not having stamp on passport before leaving USA?

Thank you.

You can use the US vida stamp to enter the US as long as it valid. The status change in the US does not invalidate the visa stamp.

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Any tips on re entering US on tourist visa? Should I travel throw road or fly (which make easy immigration)? Driving by road with my wife, father in law and mother in laws (all Canadian citizen excluding me) or just fly with my wife and me? Wedding destination is Houston Texas.

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