Tourist visa drop box eligibility?

Hello - I am applying for renewal of my mother’s tourist visa. It will expire in mid oct. she is 65 ys old … I read that she is eligible for Dropbox renewal but when I go to book appointment - it didn’t say she qualified for interview waiver. I am getting a regular OFC option and the location as New Delhi VAC. The dates at New Delhi VAC are all full … I checked eligibility through the app and it tells that she is eligible too. what am I missing and how do I get her to go through drop box renewal?

Did you answer all questions on the VAC site correctly?
The answers you give decide if you will be given option for dropbox or not.

Are there any specific questions that decide this ?

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When you start booking the appointment after fee payment, their system asks you various questions based on which it decides if you are eligible for dropbox or not.

This is what I see … am I interpreting it wrong ?

Hi Neha,

I am trying to do the same for my mother whose visa expired earlier this year, and same for me. I emailed US travel docs support team, and this is the response I got-
" We would like to inform you that as the now the interview waiver services for the visa categories of B1, B2, B1/B2 has been temporarily suspended. We request you to proceed further for scheduling the regular appointment.

And also please be informed that if you wish to wait for regular process we request you to please wait or else you can proceed ahead with both the appointments."

But then there are absolutely no appointments available as well! So this is just insanity.

I am seeing lots of people saying that they qualify for IW for b1/b2 ; just can’t find dates . Then why I am not getting option for IW for my mother . The questions (as I show in my previous post pictures ) seems straight forward. I have tried with selecting both B1/B2 and just B2 also but still don’t get the IW notification

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Did you read @Smitha_Upadhya post above? She got the response from usatraveldocs as to why the option is not shown at this time.

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Yes Anil - sorry if my statement came out as rude… it wasn’t my intention. All I was trying to say is I am hearing from some other folks on a Fb group about getting Dropbox option for tourist visa parents and I don’t even see it …
My apologies to you both


No, I did not get offended. Don’t worry.

I just pointed to the post because it has the answer to your question.

There is definitely no interview waiver process for B1/B2 visas as of now. They put a pause on it since July. I also saw the confirmation on the Mumbai US consulate official twitter account. Whoever is saying they are getting interview waiver for visitor visa maybe talking about other visas or in other countries. or may have misunderstood.

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Ok thank you both for the information

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Do any of you know how long the fees paid will be Valid given the non availability of IW dropbox appointments or VAC appointments?

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