Travel on B1/B2 with approved I130 and the case is documentarily qualified

Hello, my mother who lives in India has an approved i130 Petition and her case is with NVC for an immigrant visa interview. The current wait time is more than 18 months for an interview to be scheduled Is it possible for my mother to travel to US with a B1/B2 visa? She lives alone in India and both children (Me and my brother) are here in the US. Her B1/B2 visa is expiring in March 2022 and we have an important family event for her to attend in the US this spring.

Your mother can travel using her B1/B2 visa if she intends to return to India after the event.

The visa officer at the airport may question her and may request to see her return ticket.

Thank you Anil, quick follow up question, for any reason the CBP officer doesn’t admit her, will that impact her case with the Mumbai embassy for the immigrant petition? Also her visa is expiring on March 20, 2022. Can she enter before that date and get an I94 for 6 months?