Travel while H1B transfer initiated and visa appointment for H4 obtained based on Old 1-797

My husband is planning to switch jobs from Company A to Company B., this will result to his H1B transfer. I am on H4 and have travel plans to India. My visa stamp is expired and need to secure a dropbox appointment. In CGI application, we need to provide Petition details (name/receipt no etc.).

My question is:-

  1. If i make the application based on I-797 and i fail to secure visa appointment during the widow when my husbands H1B transfer is not initiated., can i still use this application for visa appointment based on the receipt of new I-797?
  2. I make the application now, does CGI site allows to make changes to the I-797 information?

You can book the appointment using current H1B i797 and then later submit the new i797 (if transferred) with your dropbox.

Thanks Anil for your prompt response. Will you be able to give me more details on how to do the amendments/ changes in the information once i have the new I-797 receipt notice with me, without cancelling my existing appointment. Should i just submit the new I-797 receipt notice along with other documents when submitting for dropbox?

Just fill out a new DS-160 and submit. Carry copy or old and new DS-160 to dropbox along with other supporting documents.