Travel with H4-EAD approved but H4 extension pending and stamping needed before return

Hi @anil_am22,
Looks like I’m in a unique situation where my spouse’s H4-EAD was approved but H4-EOS is still pending after more than a year. Can we travel to India and get our visas stamped?

More: My H1B, my wife’s and two daughters’ H4-EOS, and my wife’s H4-EAD were all applied together back in Aug. 2020. My H1B was approved in Sept 2020. My dependents’ bio-metrics were also taken in Sept. 2020. Then in Mar 2021 my wife’s H4-EAD was approved. However my wife’s and daughters’ H4-EOS (I-539) is still pending and has not gotten any update since Sept. 2020 (20 months).

I have put couple of queries with USCIS which were marked “answered” without me getting any updates in mails, emails, texts, or online. I reached out to a local congressman and his office queried as well to no avail.

Can we go India and get all our visas stamped based on my H1B approved petition? And would it not put my wife’s approved H4-EAD in any jeopardy? What happens with the H4-EOS applications?


You can visit India and get H4 visa stamps. No issues. The H4 EAD will stay valid. No need to worry.

Awesome, thanks @anil_am22.