Traveling to India being on OPT and don't have F1 visa stamp due to COS within US, what documents needs to be sent in dropbox, any risks?

Hello, my wife was on H4 visa and then she changed status to F1 within US. Now she is on OPT, she has H4 visa stamp but not F1 visa stamp since it was changed within US. She is planning to travel to India and seems like she might be eligible for drop box, what are the documents she needs to send in dropbox? If she is asked to go for interview, is there any precautions that needs to be considered since she is already on OPT? Please provide your suggestions that might help her in any scenario. Appreciate your helps and thanks in advance!

I suggest she work with her DSO for the checklist of the documents for F1 stamping. The school will also need to issues I-20 with travel authorization. Below list is for reference purposes only.

  1. I-20 with travel auth.
  2. Copy of F1 I-797 with I-94
  3. Copy of all past I-94 record of arrivals. ( issued by CBP at POE)
  4. Copy of her stem degree certificate
  5. OPT EAD card
  6. Last three paystubs for OPT job.
  7. Employment verification letter from her employer with position, duties and pay. If it is part time, make sure the letter mentions minimum hours worked per week is 20.
  8. Copy of all past I-797s ( all statuses she was in past including H4).
  9. Copy of past expired visa pages from her passports.
  10. Original current passport.

Thanks Kalpesh for response, appreciate it!