Traveling while H4 transfer approval is pending

Hello Anil,

My husband got H1 transferred from one company to another and has started working in the new company. My son’s and mine H4 approval hasn’t come yet. Our previous H4 visa is valid till sept 2020.My son and I will be travelling to India from 25th Nov to 5th dec. Will it be a problem while returning? Also wanted to ask one more thing. We have B2 visas till Nov 2016. Do they become invalid after H4 Visa.


There is no issue in returning to US if you have a valid stamped H4 visa.

In your case, there was no need of filing H4 transfer as you have a valid H4 visa. You have probably wasted money as pending H4 transfer will be abandoned by USCIS automatically as soon as you exit US.

B2 visa will remain valid.

Thank you for the quick reply.

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Hi there!
My H1 extension was filed (alongwith my son’s H4 extension) on 5th Sept in Premium processing. My H1 extension was approved on 10th Sept, and we received a biometrics appointment notice for my son’s I539 shortly afterwards, which we attended as scheduled, on 23rd September. We have plans to travel to India on 16th November for a family occasion. Is it advisable to travel with not having received approval on my son’s H4 extension status? Kindly advise if he can reenter US in 3 weeks time with us, if we continue with our originally planned travel.

Your advice is highly appreciated!

Hi @david123

It would save your time if you read earlier responses and then ask questions. Your question has already been answered above:

Actually our case is a little different as both our I94s had already expired on 27th Sep 2019. However since my H1 extension got approved, my I94 has been extended till the end of 2021. However my son’s I94 stands expired still. So when I go for my H1 stamping during our trip, can I also get his H4 visa interview/stamping done using my H1 approval notice. Will he be given entry to US based on that?