Travelling to Canada from USA

I’m on my H1B visa ( current visa stamping is valid upto June 22nd, 2022), I have an approved h1b extension up to Jan 2025
My passport is expiring on SEP 2022
I would like to go to Canada in the 4th week of May.
Do I need to get stamped with my new approved H1B extension or am I good to use my old stamping? And will the expiration date of my passport effects me?

Please let me know.

No you don’t however I am assuming you have visitor visa for Canada. You can use AVR to enter back to the US from adjacent bordering countries if the visit is less than 30 days and if your US visa is expired at the time you enter back.

Yes. When you enter back to the US, CBP will issue I-94 only till your passport expiry. This means that you will either need to apply extension of status again or travel to Canada/Mexico CBP to extend your I-94 once your passport is renewed but before your I-94 expires.

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