Two H4 applications pending

Hi All,

I had applied for an H1B transfer + H4 EOS in November for Employer A. Got an RFE and employer A did not respond to it till January.
Meanwhile, I got an offer from employer B in January, so they also filed an H1B transfer + H4 EOS in March.
I’ve joined Employer B. Employer A has withdrawn H1B transfer as I informed them that I would not join them.

So now there are two pending H4 applications( Nov & March) for my spouse. The Nov one is an EAC(Vermont) petition and the March one is a LIN(Nebraska).

Since H4 applications are taking so much time to get approved and affects my spouse’s H4 EAD, I was wondering if I could send the new approved employer B H1B docs(i797) to Vermont SC and they could approve the November H4 application using that? it is more likely they will process it soon, since it is already six months. does it matter that my employer B H1B was approved in Nebraska?

Does it matter that two H4 applications are pending?

Please suggest if my plan is okay to go ahead with? Thank you.

@anil_am22 @Kalpesh_Dalwadi Please advice. Thank you!

Your spouse can extend the H4 I-94 using your new I-797 by visiting Mexico or Canada border.

Alternatively you may try sending your updated I-797 to USCIS however interfiling is not a guaranteed process and may still cause unexpected delays or result.

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