TWO H4 applications

Hi ,

I have two h4 applications filled , one from my spouse previous employer where H1 got approved and he changed employer and another one filed got filed from current employer

Current New employer h4 application got approved sooner then previous one which was filed earlier , do i need to withdraw it?

Hi @preethi28feb

Was the second H4 filed after H4 i94 expired or before?

Thanks for the reply .
Both were filed on time before I94 expiry .

Previous employer : spouse is no longer an employee and h4 petition is still pending with USCIS and was filed before current employer filed
Current employer : too filed for h4 petition which got approved faster

@anil_am22 : I filed for withdrawal of Previous pending h4 as i got h4 approval from current employer , but now after a month i got Denial for my previous h4 , any inputs ? what would be my status in such case. Appreciate for any info , Thanks in advance

If your most recent H4 is valid and you have the valid H4 i94, you should be good as per the information you have shared.

@anil_am22 : Thanks for the reply , i got a H4 denial yesterday stating reason as H1B was withdrawn by previous employer though i sent withdrawal H4 Notice to USCIS well ahead .
But i do have H4 Approval too with valid I94 from Current Employer of Spouse H1B
Do i still be valid status now ?