U.S. immigrant visa class F11 application processing

Interview On july 2018 i refused us visa by section 221(g) of INA by incomplete medical report. After 1year on August 1/2019 i submit complete medical examination.

August 3/2019 Counsler officer send me to submit passport via Dropbox. August 25/2019 i gave fingerprint at Counsler section & VO told me that my us visa application has been approved & gave me instruction how to pick up us visa via Dropbox with in 7 to 10 days.

The ceac visa status changed from refused to ready. But i didn’t get the visa from Dropbox.

After 1 month later i email to Counsler section about my status update. October 2/2019 my status on ceac changed to Administrative Processing.

I am confused what is going on my case. Please share me something about my case. Thanks

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Hi @Mersi

It is normal these days for US Visa application to get into ‘adminsitrative processing’ even after Visa officer says ‘approved’.

There is no need to worry though as it’s just a matter of time that you will get your passport with Visa.

Tnx Anil for your advice

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Hi, How you going?
I’m also an applicant for a Green card (F11 visa type), and my status at the moment is waiting schedule visa Interview. I don’t Go to medical examination yet, so I am curious about your incomplete medical examination. What got wrong? What was the problem you had? Would you share this with me, please? If you prefer, you can tell me by email. Thanks.