Unable make a payment on the new USA visa scheduling website

I am on the new portal - I signed up and created my profile…created the application - added myself and my wife’s DS-160 and now I am on the second last step where I am making a payment but stuck here. My application is for H1-B (for myself) and my wife (H4) visa stamping…Dropbox… Thought to check here…I choose the option of vfs credit card / debit but it keeps spinning after I click “click here to pay by credit card/ debit card”…on mobile, it says the page is blocked and gives me some cloudflare id on the bottom…Not sure what is going with this…but if I have to take a guess, I can try the payment by having someone pay to the bank directly? and then come back here? OR any other option…Ideally just wanted to make payment myself - currently located in US.