Unable to start the passport application (website issues)

I am trying to renew my passport as it expires within a month, but dear lord , the issues that I am facing in trying to even start the application on (https://portal4.passportindia.gov.in), After clicking on 'User login", i enter the user credentials, it takes me to a white screen with a tiny popup of “Authenticating user” and then goes completely blank. Waited for 5 min , hoping its slow, but nothing happens. What should i do ? I am using Chrome, IE, Edge, private IE too. But nothing works.

Any recommendations on how to get this done? This is painful and surprising as to why its so difficult to to even renew a passport in these times ?

Yes, even I am having similar issue. I have been trying since yesterday.
Looks like the server is slow or down.

Were you guys able to login? I am having the same issues. Thanks.

Try https://portal3.passportindia.gov.in/

Yes. I had emailed the embassy and it got resolved in the next day.