Unable to transfer back amount from Maxgain OD account to Savings account

I am able to transfer the amount to OD account. But couldn’t transfer back the amount from OD account to Savings account .
Is there any help for that.

You need a cheque book from SBI to withdraw amount from ID account.
They issue this cheque book only when the full loan amount has been disbursed.
You have to specifically ask your loan branch to issue this cheque book. They don’t issue it automatically.

I have a similar problem. I have fixed the below issues but still unable to transfer.

-Activated internet banking for OD account
-There is a process to unhide the account - which is also done
-From the call centre I’ve been informed to tell the branch to give drawing power - which has not happened although I have been following up.

If anybody knows any other solution or an escalation id it’ll be of great help.