Understanding visa number availability

My I-485 case (EB based) was recently transferred to NBC from LIN. A week later, I got RFE notice from Fairfax Washington FO for my medical exams. I tried sending a response asap (within 4 days of rx the letter), however USPS somehow hasn’t managed to deliver my packet yet (note sure why, but UPS routed my packed through USPS). Long weekend isn’t helping either. My hope is, it gets delivered on Tuesday (almost a week later)…but I am not sure about the Sept “deadline”?
I know Sept is the end of fiscal year and everyone’s trying to rush things. I wanted to know
a) How can I tell how many visa numbers are still available in my category ?
b) Will these get renewed after Sept?
c) If so, is the rush to get things by Sept end because of a possible fear of unfavorable movement in cates?
Thanks for your time and your help !

You cannot find the number of GCs left in this fiscal year (ends sep 30).

The available GC numbers are reset on Oct 1 and hence the rush.

If they cannot assign a GC number in this year’s quota, they will need to fetch a number for you from next year’s quota.

The next year’s quota might be lot less than current year and they may retrogress the dates if enough numbers are not available. That’s why there is rush.

Thanks, anil for that reply!

Hi Anil,

I want to understand your statement “If they cannot assign a GC number in this year’s quota,” a bit more.

Does this mean USCIS needs to assign the GC numbers before end of FY or Do they need to approve the GC numbers before the end of FY? I am hearing few 485 approvals after Sep 30 2022 and dates retrogressed. So just want to get clarity on your earlier comment. Is there a way to track the assignment?