University Lecturer 242111 for 189/190 subclass

Can i have positive reply for University Lecturer 242111 for 189/190 subclass - 75/80 points respectively.

Hi @rajaram

What do you mean by ‘positive’ reply? Are you talking about an invitation or what?

Hello Mr.Anil, Good Morning
Thanks for your reply, My doubt is

  1. My Wife occupation is University lecturer - 242111 Medium and long term Occupation list , so direct PR 189 visa is possible for 75 score points?

  2. please as of your knowledge let me know the processing time?

  3. Since we didnt received the assessment from vettasess authority it was submitted on may 7th.

  4. 242111 University Lecturer Proficient English (or Proficient Plus overall); Provisional 489 visa only VETASSESS

Here if i’m trying to 190 sub visa is it possible ? because we are not interested in 489 provisional.

Hi @rajaram

You can apply for 189 or 190 if your job code is available in the 189 list or state occupation list.

I don’t understand your other questions.

Dear Anil , Please let me the ACT Canberra 190 score matrix of 70 is good or bad?
242111 University Lecturer ## Open , ## Minimum one year employment contract with an ACT
employer in the nominated occupation .but no genuine job offer for me in this regard but there is a option of research in employment opportunity as mentioned there … please let me know the possiblities

Hi @rajaram

I do not have information about state specific invites.

Hi Anil,

I have 75 points for 189 category for the occupation ‘university lecturer 242111’ and I submitted my EOI on 01/08/2019. I also submitted 190 and 489 EOI for NSW with 80 and 85 respectively. When can I possibly get an invitation for 189?

Thanks heaps,

Hi @Xavier

You may get an invite by Nov 2019 with 75 points.

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Dear Friend, Hope you are doing good.
In our case we submitted our EOI on 15.08.2019 with 70 points and Myself spouse points to be added one month later so It will be 75 Pts. Please keep in touch.
Rajaram Mohanram , Chennai.

Dear Mr Anil,
Please let me know about the details of estimated date of Invite for the “University Lecturer” Anzsco Code 242111. EOI submitted on 15 -August 2019 with 75 Pts applied for 189 Visa.

Hi @rajaram

I do not have estimate for university lecturer at this time. Sorry.

Dear Anil,
What about the EOI submitted this August 2019 will get after November 2019 New Points system? is it continue with updates automatically or we have to re-apply EOI once again?
As of now Spouse points is “5”
After New points system spouse points is 10 for me for competent english + Skilled Assessed.
please need clarity in this

Hi @rajaram

As far as I know, the EOI should be updated automatically on Nov 16, 2019.

Thank you Mr.Anil for your continuous support for this community

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Hi Rajaram,

Could you help me my husband designation is Asst Professor .For University Lecturer Does designation have to match .Did you receive positive assesment? Could you help me with high level reaponsibilites.

Appreciate your help!!

Hi Xavier, need some information regarding University lecturer assessment…Can the experience be as an Assistant Professor in affiliated university or should it be from the University only??

I worked in a college affiliated to university and I got positive assessment.
Good luck

Thanks for the response Xavier… Also could you plz let me know what designation you have showed in the reference letter and what supporting documents have you provided (payslips/form16)? Will you be able to share your reference letter for reference?

I worked as an Assistant Professor. In vetasses website they are providing information about what you need to specify in your refferal letter. I cant upload letter provided by my employer in a public forum as it is a confidential document. But I got the letter exactly in the format as they have explained in the website.

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I also uploaded form 16 and payslips.