Update Petitioner details after scheduling the H1B visa appointment

How can we update the Petitioner details after scheduling the H1B visa appointment ?

I had scheduled an H1B visa dropbox appointment with my old petitioner (old Employer). Now I have a new job with a new employer, and all the petitioner details are changed. I have new petition now, how can I change my petitioner information on the UStraveldocs portal without canceling the appointment and paying the fee again. Or what are other options ? I understand most people ask to fill new ds160 form with updated employment information and update new ds160 on UStraveldocs portal. But my question is more inclined to the information UStraveldocs collected while starting new appointment process.

See attached.

Reach out to US Travel Docs with details so they can update it in the backend. You will still have to update DS 160 with latest information.

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@kash Did this work for you? Please update with your experience. I am in the same situation.

Did this work for you ? please help here if this worked for you. I was told to contact from us on this phone number to have it updated ? I am in same situatuion please let us know

were you able to reach the UStravel docs customer support and get the latest petitioner details updated ? Kindly let us know…thanks

We called and they didn’t update anything other than ds160 number. We got our stamping done with no issues.