Updating profile in CGI federal to book visa appointment

Hi I already have a CGI portal account which I successfully used to book F1 visa. Now I am trying to book visa slot for H4 visa. In the mean time I renewed by passport and now have a new passport. Can i update my passport details and enter new DS-160 number in my CGI portal account using the update profile section? Or should I create a new CGI portal account?

You must update DS-160 under same account, you can’t create multiple accounts.

what about passport? can i update new passport details in my existing CGI portal account?

Did you try, or just asking without trying.

not tried. I posted a query about it on the CGI portal too. I have asked if for a new passport I should create a new account? my previous passport details was linked to my previous visa F1 which I got successfully. I was not sure if I can change it. Did not find anything related to it online. So wanted to see if anyone did the same.

I got a reply from them. They asked my to upload copies of identity pages of both new and old passport. They will update new passport details from their end.

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