URGENT: H1 and h4 extension


Q1: My employer has filed my h1b extension application at Vermont service center under premium processing on 2nd March. Package was delivered to VSC on 4th March. However I still didn’t receive my receipt #, also check hasn’t been cashed. Any idea how long does USCIS takes to send receipt number via email for Premium Processing applications?

Q2: My husband had h4 visa stamped on passport which was applied from my previous employer which expired even before traveling. He has never visited US. I changed job last year and now with my new employer once I get my extension approved he is planning to get the stamping and travel. In this case is it extension to be filed or just fill ds160 form and he can go for Dropbox like he did for first time and get visa stamped? Pls note, he doesn’t have i94 as he never traveled to US.

Kindly confirm.

Your husband can fill DS 160 directly and get H4 visa stamped for travel.