Urgent - H1B maxout scenario

Hi @anil_am22 ,
Greetings for the day!

This is regarding a scenario that I would be facing with my H1B and current status on it as below:

My H1B is maxing out by end of April 2022
My PERM processing is already in progress but chances of it getting approved by then are extremely slim. Hence, my attorneys started with Canada visa processing back in Feb 2022 and biometrics is complete.
Now the situation is, so far I havent got a request to drop off the passport for Canadian stamping. In case it does not happen in March and the request for stamping comes in April then I will be at risk as I will be maxing out H1B by end of April and wont be having passport that time if sent for Canadian stamping.
My attorneys have suggested to convert from H1B to Visitor (B2) visa for that time so that I can legally stay in the US till I get passport stamped for Canada and then travel as soon as I receive it.

My questions are as below:

  1. Does the above look good to you as I am not sure if this can be done or is possible?
  2. If above is fine and I move to Canada, then once my PERM gets approved in the meantime then they will go with my I140 and H1B extension so that I can then get my stamping done for US and travel back. Is this fine? Since they will convert me from H1B right now to B2 in case of longer Canadian processing and then back to H1B once my PERM is approved.

Thanks in advance!