[Urgent] Passport renewal queries

Hello Members,

I am new to this forum and seek for some help from members here.

I am a green card holder of USA and still holding Indian passport which is about to expire in Jan 2024 and preparing for renewal.

Would really appreciate if you can help me with below questions:

  1. Since now I have married name on green card and current Indian passport is on maiden name, I wish to renew the Indian passport with my new married name which is update in both my given name and surname. Also want to add my spouse name on the passport. Can I apply under tatkal processing given there is Change in Name?

  2. Do I need to notarize Marriage certificate?

  3. Do I need to submit the NAME CHANGE AFFIDAVIT given my situation, I have the marriage certificate which can be submitted as the supporting document, but I am not sure if I even require to submit the affidavit. If yes would you happen to have any format for it and where can I get it notarized?

  4. I only have an Aadhaar card for India address proof, would that be sufficient? Also it has a maiden name (name before marriage) on it, will that be accepted? Do I need to submit this Self Sworn Affidavit for Indian Addres: https://visa.vfsglobal.com/one-pager/india/united-states-of-america/passport-services/pdf/sworn-affidavit-for-indian-address.pdf

  5. Since this is renewal after 10 years do I need to check/select ā€œChange in Appearanceā€ under the items for ā€œChange in Existing Personal Particularsā€. My signature has not really changed, I believe that should be fine when not selected.

  6. Can [Annexure - E] and [Affidavit for change of appearance & signature] be handwritten? City and DOB are not visible when print viewed. Can it be half printed and half hand written.
    Moreover in all the Forms/Checklist and Affidavits should I print/type my married name or maiden name, please advise

Would really appreciate if someone can please assist with the above questions.

Thanks in advance.

  1. Applying under ā€˜normal processingā€™ is ideal since name change is involved.
  2. No
  3. If name change is purely on account of marriage and no other factors then you are good. You can submit marriage certificate for your own peace of mind. Occasionally they have asked for it.
  4. Notarized Proof is required for US address, not Indian.
  5. Yes
  6. Use this app: Annexure E to create one or you can print from their website and fill it offline.
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Hi @Diwedy thanks a bunch for replying to my questions, appreciate it.

Hi - Youā€™re welcome!

  1. I would stick to the checklist on VFS website.
  2. Married name (i.e. latest name)
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After creating account on VFS global and attempting to ā€œAdd New Customerā€, all the details asked should be according to the details on the renewal application, correct? I have name change in my middle name and last name - so should I put my new married name there?

It is so confusing when the tip says ā€œAs stated in your passportā€ but atleast in my case there is name change. Asking here to make sure I am providing the correct information.

I think they have recently removed the self-sworn affidavit from their list of documents.
Follow their checklist as suggested by @Diwedy

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Welcome to the forum!

  1. Yes, you can apply under Tatkal processing for your Indian passport renewal, even if there is a change in your name due to marriage. Make sure to provide the necessary documents supporting the name change.
  2. Notarizing your marriage certificate is advisable to validate the authenticity of the document.
  3. The requirement for a Name Change Affidavit can vary, but it may not be necessary since you have a marriage certificate. You can inquire at the passport office for guidance and any affidavit format.
  4. Your Aadhaar card can be proof of address, even if it has your maiden name. You may need to provide a self-sworn affidavit to explain the name difference.
  5. If your signature hasnā€™t significantly changed, you can omit ā€œChange in Appearance.ā€
  6. Annexure-E and the Affidavit for change of appearance & signature should ideally be typed for clarity, but handwritten portions may be acceptable if there are printing issues. Confirm this with the passport office.
  7. When filling out forms and affidavits, use your married name to match your green card and reflect your current legal name.

Best of luck with your passport renewal, and I hope the forum members can provide more specific guidance!