[URGENT][PLEASE HELP] - H4 Extension got approved after I entered US on a valid F1 visa

I have a scenario with my visa:

  • I started my Masters in Sep 2021 on H4 visa (Visa Expiry in Jul 2022)

  • My H4 and EAD Extension process was started in Jan 2022

  • I changed my visa to F1 by traveling to my home country (India) in April 2022 (4th April), while H4 and EAD extension was still in the process

  • I entered the US on 16th April on a valid F1 visa and I have my I94 of F1 visa (H4 and EAD extension still in process)

  • On April 24th, I sent a letter to USCIS to withdraw my H4 and EAD Extension petition (No response yet)

  • Today (25th April), my H4 and EAD extension got approved.

  • What is my current visa status according to the USCIS?

  • Do I need to get my F1 visa stamp again ?

  • Can I travel outside US and come back on the same F1 visa, is it valid now ?

  • My SEVIS is still active in the university and I want to stay on F1 only to pursue my CPT in the summer. I have to apply for CPT in this week itself.

What are my options now ?? Can anyone please help ?

Thanks in advance.

You already changed your status from H4 to F1 so you are in F1 status. Approval of H4 extension of status do not put you back to H4 status unless another change of status application is filed.

Visa is a travel document and you can use it to enter the US on same status as the visa as long as it is valid.

You dont need to go for stamping unless your visa expired and you want to travel outside the US and enter back.

Sure you can.

No issues, you are still in F1 status.

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Hi Kalpesh

Thank you so much for all the responses. This is a big big help for me. Thank you so much.