Urgent request: Dropbox stamping (Future H-1B extension)

I and my spouse are currently in the US. I’m on H-1B visa and my spouse is on H-4 visa. We have H-1B and H-4 stamps in our passports which are valid until Aug 31, 2023. I would be eligible to apply for H-1B extension with my current employer in March 2023. Assuming I get a 3-year H-1B extension (Sep 2023 to Aug 2026) in March 2023 with current employer, can I and my spouse go to India for H-1B drop box visa stamping in May 2023?

  1. Can we go for H-1B/H-4 visa stamping based on new I-797 (H-1B extension with current employer), when we currently have valid stamps in our passports?
  2. Is there a cutoff period for H-1B/H-4 stamping based on I-797 validity period, before which we can’t go for visa stamping?
  3. Should we be aware of any other issues?

There has been a severe shortage of visa appointments in India until end of 2023. As bulk drop box slots have opened up in the past few days, we would like to plan in advance and secure a visa appointment in 2023. I would really appreciate if you can please respond to my question as soon as possible. Thank you.

Yes you can. Your current valid visa will be CWOP.

Not that I am aware of except the first time stamping while applying for visa being in India is within 90 days of the start date on your I-797B and entry in the US not more than 10 days in advance. This do not apply for renewal.

Can’t think of anything.