US divorce decree was not accepted at NYC consulate for removal of ex-spouse from passport


I got married in India. I had mutual consent divorce in US as we both were living in US. My spouse and I got remarried to new partners respectively. But my passport has my ex-spouse’s name. When I tried to remove her name during my passport renewal application, it was denied based on US divorce decree. I was told by NYC consulate that divorce decree must be from India.

I don’t think we are in a position to apply for re-divorce in India at this stage. What are my options in this case? I thought US divorce decree is valid in India if it is mutual consent divorce.

Anyone had such experience or any suggestion?


Hello I am in the same boat. I have a divorce decree obtained in the United States by mutual consent . But, there is no addition or deletion of my spouse name or change in my name . Should I apply for my renewal with my marital status as single or with my marital status as divorced ?

I think you don’t need to do anything as your ex-husband’s name is not listed in your passport nor your name got changed. You are good.

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I called the VFS they told me to select my marital status as Divorced and then send the divorce decree to them.
Will this affect my renewal any way ?

Also, Can you let me know how did you move forward with your renewal ?

I am visiting India currently and in the process of renewal of my passport. Passport Seva Kendra reviewed my US divorce documents and accepted my application. They are currently processing my application. I will update here the outcome of the processing once available.

You can try to see if your US divorce decree will be accepted in Indian consulate. Mine was not accepted unfortunately.

Mine does not require any spouse name addition or removal .

Will my divorce decree in United States still cause an issue ?

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No idea. You can try it out.

Here is an update from my end,

My US divorce decree was not accepted by New York consulate. I visited India and applied for passport renewal at Passport Seva Kendra. They reviewed my US divorce decree and acepted it. Finally my passport got renewed and my ex-wife’s name got removed from my passport. They don’t honour Tatkal appointment for this change in India.