US Embassy closed & reopening - coronavirus - questions & Answers

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Please let me know whether Green Card interviews are going on or not at Indian Consulate , mumbai
anyone getting dates or info regarding the same

Any idea when consulates will open ?

Nobody knows when the consulates will open except the consulate themselves.

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Hi Anil
Do you know if the us consulates are open in india?
I am planning to go back to india to get my H4 stamped

Hi , I m having hard time finding the slot for drop box. Does anyone know at which time of the day,the slots will be available, just an estimte pls

My spouse and child needs to just transit US, they have the visa & flights booked in Dec. for the destination country from US. can they apply or any other ways to transit US without C1 Visa. I’m available at if anyone can help.

please let me know when at what time dropbox slots are available .Its hard to find dropbox slot.

Hello Folks,

I am eligible for H1B DropBox, I am trying to find DropBox dates for Chennai consulate (Bangalore site drop off) , and the website says

< There are currently no appointments available.> under the “Schedule OFC Appointment” section, and it has a Back button .

Does this mean DropBox appointments are also closed ?

And, when I try to log-out and log-in and check the dates 4 or 5 times, it says <“You are approaching the maximum number of times you may view this page. Please complete your transaction at this time.”>

It looks like their website is broken ???

I tried to re-Login again using a different browser, and now their website says
< Error:Your account has been frozen for suspicious activity, and you will not be able to access it for up to 72 hours>

This is really undesirable for raising a false alarm, and I hope their website gets better . Did anyone face similar situations ? and Solutions ?

I am also trying to see if Canada or Mexico or any other country is open for USA H1B Visa appointments ??

I am expecting appointments from March to be honored not before. What’s your source that they might be canceled?

I understand that they are increasing the validity of MRV fees to September of 2022. But are they also allowing to schedule and cancel more than five times. I paid the fees in early 2020 but have ended up cancelling the appointments five times due to Covid 19. I am not sure if I can contact anyone to reactivate the fees. Please let me know. Thank you!