USA Indian Passport Renewal - Police verification - Tatkal

Hello All,

Thank you for running this forum. I have below concerns if someone can please help.

I applied for passport renewal in Tatkal and have received my new renewed passport. I got an email of police verification when the Status was “passport printed”. Now I have received the passport. Police did contact my family in India and they are asking below documents.

  • 2 photos, Adhar card copy of mine and of one of my parents, old passport copy, utility bill and also copy of Visa or work authorization.

When applying for renewal I did provide work authorization i797 (notarized) with passport application. I am wondering why Police in India need that again from my parents? What if I don’t provide it to Indian local police? My parents have all the other documents to prove my identification and Indian address. With the passport application I also provided notarized self sworn that I am out of India for more than 5 years.

Isn’t this exaggerate to ask for Visa/i797 again for Indian address verification? No detail change for me in my renewed passport, i.e. Indian address, name nothing is changed and it’s same as in old passport.

Anyone has similar experience? The police verification email I have got, it says nothing about what documents are required for police verification, it just shows my Indian address and police verification file number. I believe it’s only Indian address verification and has nothing to do with Visa verification. Is there a link which shows what documents are required for NRIs for police verification? Thank you!

Documents asked by Police vary. There’s no standard checklist.

I would provide them with whatever they are asking for, as you wouldn’t want your verification to be adversely affected.

You can always send a scanned copy of your visa/i797 to your parents, if they do not have it.

Did you get your renewed passport ? Which consulate did you apply in tatkal? is this the first time you are renewing the passport in US?

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