USA Visit Visa For Parents - Please reply :)

Hi, I am currently working in USA on work Visa and my Green Card Application is in progress. I want to apply Visit Visa for my Parents and sister to visit my family. My questions are:

  1. Under Visa Type should I select “Business and Tourism B1/B2” or “Tourism/Medical Treatment B2”?

  2. My Father has enough finances / funds in his bank account and I am very much financially capable as well. Under question “Who is sponsoring your visit” is it better to select “Self” or should I mention my name? which option is better

  3. Is an invitation letter required from me? If so where will I upload it? or they just have to bring it on interview?

  4. My unmarried / unemployed sister also wants to visit with my parents. I have heard and observed that it is very difficult for unmarried girl to get Visit visa as it is hard to prove strong ties with home country specially if you are not employed in home country. Please advise if I apply for her Visa with parents Visa will it affect my parents Visa too? I don’t want to take any chance because Parents Visit is more important? Please advise.

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