USA visitor visa renewal for parents

My parents US visitor visa expired 10 days back and after looking at am22 US Visa Dropbox app (AM22Tech Apps - USA, Australia, Canada forms, Visa and Immigration) i found that they are eligible for drop box. I have following questions regarding their VFC appointment

  1. Is it mandatory to give biometrics finger print in VFC appointment for visitor visa renewal (both of my parents are less than 79 years old)
  2. is it mandatory for them to go to VFC for drop box or my friend can go to VFC and drop the documents on their behalf
    PS: My parents indian passport have been renewed and visitor visa was issue on old passport . I am not sure if this makes any difference but wanted to mention that in case it changes anything.


Hi @anil_am22 can you please provide some insight on above question


I am not sure if they require biometric again.

What i know is that anyone can drop the documents on your behalf. So, they may not need the fingerprints.

I suggest checking with the USAVisaScheduling website support.