USA visitor visa renewal

I am an Indian citizen and a Canadian permanent resident.
My USA visa is expiring and I have been trying to look for interview dates but have found no dates available.
Today I completed my ds160 and tried to schedule an interview. When I paid my fee and went to schedule my interview, it gave me a passport mail in request.
What does that mean?
Do I not have to appear for an interview?
And does this mean my visa is approved? I am confused. Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you

If you are renewing in same visa class you may be eligible for visa interview waiver (aka dropbox). This means you just need to submit your passport along with other supporting documents with VFS and there is no need to interview. If renewal is approved, consulate will stamp the visa in your passport and send it back.
Did you apply at US consulate in Canada or India (if present in India)?

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hi , Did you get your passport back ? I am in a similar situation where I have sent my passport mailin to Ottawa center and there is no update on it further on the CEAC site.


Thank you so much!
appreciate the information :slight_smile:


I sent my passport to Ottawa on 11 nov.
Its been a full 2 weeks and it still says no status.
any idea about what the processing time for this is?

no idea :frowning: . I will wait for this week and if there is no status update then will try to reach out to US Emb. Quebec . I have to travel if not around year end then definitely in Q1 and I am not very comfortable with my passport(s) not being with me for a long time.

I was under the impression that as passports are requested, decision making and processing wont take long however there is no way to know the timelines.

I was under the impression too. I called the Quebec embassy and they said they have no infomrTION AS THE FILE IS AT OTTAWA.
AND then i called ottaawa and mailed them but no one picks the phone and i get the standard response for any email i send.

when did you mail in the passport?? for me its been over 2 weeks now

Thanks for the details, I will not call Quebec then. my passport was received @ Ottawa on 26th Nov am.

Lets see, I will reach out to Ottawa CPC closer to weekend if nothing changes.

Please let me know in the mean if you hear back from them.

I spoke with the NIV call centre , they mentioned that there is nothing in the system yet for renewal. Which means that the courier is not processed / opened yet. The address 323 Coventry road is of a Storage company, so perhaps the courier is not processed / picked up yet. We have to follow up with Ottawa only it looks like .

Can you share the number of the NIV call center?

I have tried calling and mailing ottawa but no luck.
The embassy is closed all the way from 24 dec to 2 jan, and 29 and 30 dec are the only 2 working days and i dont think itll make a difference cuz it will be the mood.

For me i am on week 3 and it still says no status.
If i get mine before the holidays ill consider myself blessed.

Hello any updates from the embassy in Ottawa ?

@agarwallavedant any update from Ottawa? Thanks in advance

@visarenewalquestion hello, Any updates from ottawa? Thanks


Nothing. The status is the same


the ETA to start processing your file seems to be 4-6 weeks for Ottawa mailin (add 1-2 weeks if holidays) , then they will open the envelope , subsequent to that the processing will start .


I just got my passport back with the visa.


Great…. Thanks for the update…

My passport is inbound, should receive it by Friday or Monday.


Hi I am also in the same boat as you, could you please tell me what documents did you send to the consulate? And where do we submit passport? Canada post?

@visarenewalquestion @agarwallavedant Could you please advice me of the documents you included and how did you send the documents? Panda post or how? And to which address?