Usatraveldocs login issue?

Is anybody else having login issue with this usatravel docs website?

Usually was redirected earlier to and its getting redirected to “” and I can’t seem to login in any of this portal at all?

@Kalpesh_Dalwadi @anil_am22 Any pointers?

I have registered again. I had one appointment scheduled on the old website. I could see that details again after registering. Just use the same email id as the previous id.

After entering the password, they want secret question answer, those answer i don’t remembered ? can any one help on this.

The secret question/answers is what you must have set in the new account setup(new website).

But I don’t remember it now… any solution to reset it.

@AMAN - did you find any answer yet ? what you did?

@Aman_Boonlia can you share your findings please

Hey, Can some one share their findings, I have appointment scheduled next month, I registred here couple of months ago, now i dont remember my security question answers, can you please help me on this with your finidings.


I’ve tried calling them and emailing them no response. Need to reset my security questions. If anyone was able too, please post how you did it.

Any update on this guys… I need it i am deep risk to download the documents…

Hi There ,
I forgot the security question , I made a couple of attempts.

Can someone please suggest what can be done :frowning:

Hi ,
Did you find the solution for this as I forgot the security questions as well :frowning: