USCIS Application Withdrawal Letter with Receipt Barcode

Originally published at: USCIS Application Withdrawal Letter with Receipt Barcode - USA

USCIS Sample Application withdrawal letter can be used to cancel any pending application with the US immigration department.  The USCIS withdrawal letter does not need notarization. You should send a withdrawal letter by certified mail or registered mail preferably by USPS and use tracking simply to have legal proof that you sent this letter. You…


Hello am22tech team, I see some apps on the website is requesting personal information like Passport, SSN, A-Number, etc. Are these data stored in your systems and also if means are your systems PCI compliant?

Hi @sivamurugan

The SSN number field is optional and you can write it on the form yourself. The A number and other details that you use for form filling are stored. You can delete them yourself once done with using the specific app.

All files are automatically purged every 24 hours without any human access.

All other payment information (if applicable) is PCI compliant and follows the industry standard. No credit card information is stored in our systems.

All payments (if any) are handled by the credit card company or the payment service provider directly like Google/Apple pay, stripe or paypal.

How do I apply for withdrawal

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