USCIS Case Status "Document Was Mailed"


My H1 transfer was filed in regular processing in California center couple of weeks back. Case status was updated to " Document Was Mailed" in USCIS website. Could you please let me know if you have seen this case status before and what does that mean (approval or rfe or rejection)? Thanks in advance.


Hi @raj2

This has been answered earlier here:

Thanks for the response Anil

Hi @raj2

I got the same status like Document was mailed , did you get any document from uscis … is it approval or denial ?

hi any updated for your case? I got the same status.

It turned out that the update in USCIS was misleading and our attorney did not receive anything from USCIS. After waiting for few days, my attorney updated the H1 petition to premium and it got approved on 06/17. Here are the updates I got in the sequence

06/03 - Case status updated to “We mailed your document for your Form I-129”
06/11 - Upgraded to premium. USCIS updated status to “We updated your name” and then changed on the same day to “We received your Form I-129”
06/17 - Case status updated to approved