USCIS EB 485 transfer to NBC

Came across following memo

If says following " As of February 17, 2022 , USCIS-HQ (SCOPS) directed the Nebraska Service Center (“NSC”) and Texas Service Center (“TSC”) to cease adjudication of all EB Form I-485 cases other than those based on 4th preference petitions (religious workers, special immigrant juveniles, etc.). USCIS is reallocating all other EB-based Form I-485 Officers and resources to Form I-140 adjudications and backlog elimination."

What are you thoughts on it? How reallocating all resources to handle 140 cases and stopping adjudication of 485 cases at NSC and TSC will help reduce backlog? Instead it will increase backlog?
Should they allocate more resources to clear 485s to make use of visa numbers to reduce backlog?

Nobody knows what will happen. It’s their internal juggling they are doing to show that they are making efforts to use all GCs.

This might be used as an excuse later for wasting the GCs again this year.