USCIS Processing Time Improved in COVID-19 - Questions & Answers

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They are issuing green cards with PD current date or even not current?

Offcourse, your GC date should be current to file i485 and get an approval. Its just that USCIS is approving it without an interview.

I didn’t submit I-693 with my AOS and want to send it in before I get RFE or interview notice. Few questions:

  1. Does it have to be sent by the lawyer or I can send it in myself?
  2. Who should it be addressed to and what address should it be sent to?
  3. What else should be included in the packet, is just I-693 okay?

Just send this medical interfile letter along with the sealed i693.

My wife and I sent our I-485 applications in Oct 2020. Can I just get my medical done and send my I-693 to USCIS without doing it for my wife. She just got Covid vaccine and I am not sure if she can get other shots in shorter span. I am just hoping that my wife’s I-485 won’t impact my green card approval. In this case, I am the primary applicant and my wife is dependent. I am willing to take a chance if she gets an RFE.

hi Anil,
Thanks for all you do.
my case is eb2 downgrade and PD e is feb13. do u think i should file premium for I140 ?
Does it make any difference ? The case u mentioned did they approve I140 along with 485


Hi Anil, thanks for the response.

One question: should I send separate packets for myself and spouse or send in single packet. If it’s single packet then I am assuming single cover letter should include both our 485 details?

I had heard on one of the attorney chats that two medicals can go in the same packet. The cover letters will help USCIS figure out which one belongs to who. I do not remember whether they recommended one cover letter or two, but one packet is fine.