VETASSESS Negative skill assessment - University Lecturer

Dear Anil.

I have applied for a skills assessment under ANZSCO- 242111 (Univerisity Lecturer) and unfortunately, results received negative. I have attached it for your reference.

In reality, I have done research-related activities during my employment like attended/organized about 15 conference

seminars/webinars/workshop/STTP/FDP. It is mentioned in my employment letter and in the resume but they have not taken into consideration.

I also submitted a research article at the time of skills assessment application but results received before outcome which we have notified
by email and it appears they have not acknowledged it.

I also applied for membership of Indian mathematical society at the time of skills assessment which received before outcomes.

I just wanted to get your honest opinions on this matter whether

should I take an option of appeal or not?

Have you published the research article before the application?.and is it within the employment ?

Yes, I have published 5 papers in the international journal.

It may happen, the last one they might not be counted because it was submitted before skill assessment but the result was awaited. When I got the result of my submitted article I forward that result to the immigration office but they have not counted.

So I am trying to get one more publication and will submit it…