VFS Global - Not receiving Activation email


Ive been trying to register in VFS Global site to continue my Indian Passport renewal. Tried using 3 email address for the past 3 days and have NOT received activation emails - Seen a couple of posts on this - How was this rectified ? Any pointers ?

Thank You in advance

Same issue here. I called them this morning and they told me they will get back to me on this issue in 48-72 hours. Not sure how since they are not able to send me emails but we will see! I will let you know if I have any progress man.

I am in the same boat and tried with 3 different emails. I contacted them and initially they asked me to try with a different email and reach out if the problem is not solved.

I wrote to them again and am waiting to hear back.

Tried to create an account today. Having the same issue.

Just wait for A day… i got it after a day

which email service did you use? I used gmail and it’s been almost a week and no activation email. I created a ticket with them and did get a confirmation email regarding that ticket.

Update: Previously I had tried with 3 different gmail ids. However, today I tried with a yahoo id and it worked. I received the account activation email almonst instantly.

I used Gmail last week Tuesday…i got activation mail at Tuesday at evening…

I am also struggling for last 3 days. I used my gmail ID but still no luck.

Please confirm if you are getting activation link on gmail account.

I used 3 gmail ID and 1 yahoo ID. Prior to registering on VFS global website, I emptied my Spam folder.
Despite doing all these, I did not receive the activation link.

Same issue. I used my company email and it worked immediately. I think the problem arises only if you use gmail.

Yahoo did not work either.

Same thing tried 3 different id , 3 different browser to check if cookie issue, but no activation email. These guys do not know how to run a simple email server. God bless India.

Yes, company id worked for me, tried 1 gmail, 2 yahoo email id and never got email.

I am having the same issue. Is there any solution to this other than trying random / non-gmail/non-yahoo email IDs? Even that approach seems to not be guaranteed to work. I have emailed VFS and am waiting to hear back.

I am also facing same issue. I have used 2 gmail accounts to register. I did not receive activation email yet. Please post if it is resolved.

I had reached out to VFS Global on Twitter.They asked me to provide the screenshot of the error that I was seeing as well as my details. After about 12 hours I reached out again to ask for an update and they mentioned that they have activated it from their end.I tried logging in again using the same email I had used the first time and it worked–I am able to get through now.

Folks, don’t waste your time with Gmail or Yahoo. I tried both with total 4 emails to activate the account. Somebody here suggested using company email and I tried that. It worked instantly as I received activation email within seconds. Not sure what’s the issue but I’d avoid giving gmail or yahoo email if I can.

Hi @JayKay have you received any update or solution for the same as i am also facing the same problem?