VFS Global Passport Renewal Missing notary

I got the following mail even though I’ve sent it notarized. I can send another copy of my I-797 letter but don’t seem to find the correct steps to do so. Does anyone know how to proceed?


Hi Arpit - Can you please let me know how did you print the hard copy of the
“Online passport application form”? VFS says my print format is incorrect and want me to send a correct format but they didnt mention what is the correct format.

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Hi Cynthia,

While printing I saw that the default margins on “Online passport application form” were clipping out some text. So I added some extra margins on my paper so that no text got clipped. Hope that helps!


Hi Arpit - Can you confirm if I need to print in landscape or portrait mode?

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Hi Cynthia,
I printed it in the portrait format.

okay, thank you for the response.

Hello @Arpit_Mathur

  1. can I print the Application form in 8.5x11 legal paper.
  2. Also in the application form the first page has my details filled before downloading, but after downloading they are empty. is that expected ?

please let me know

thanks in advance

I also got similar email saying AnnexureD is not notarized. Their checklist doesn’t mention it to notarize. They really suck. Worst service.

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@Arpit_Mathur - did you contact VFS about it ? If you already sent notarized i797, then what are they asking for ?

@yogesh_pandey - does self sworn affidavit require notary as well ?


Were you able to figure this out ? I don’t understand why they would ask you the notarized document again. This seems like a recurring theme.

Did they simply not see the notarization or something ?

I was applying for my 4 year old kid and in checklist self sworn affidavit wasn’t mentioned but I did send that(without notary) . They didn’t ask me to notarize that. To be on safer side I would send both notarized and without notary. Sending documents again is too much hassle.

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Hi, do you know what is the process to send missing documents? Do we need to send the checklist again? Do we need to use the same courier labels?


I got email saying below one line after sending my application. Can anyone help me understand if they are resending my application or I have to resend application again.


In the tracking section, I see below statement.

Your application is currently “on hold” due to certain deficiencies. Please check your email for more details and send the requested documents to the VFS Indian consular application Centre where you had submitted your application

Hi Yogesh.

How did you send the notary documents again?

What is the procedure and process to send again .

Take the print out of email where they mentioned about additional documents. Get the additional documents and send it to same address with fedex(you would need new label)

I have sent missing docs in a separate courier. I do not think we can use labels again

Hey, for sending additional docs, do we download a new label from the VFS website, or do we request FedEx to generate one? If so, what label do we ask FedEx to provide us with?

Thanks in advance!

I got the below, I’d sent a notarized color copy of my visa. Do i need to now send a notarized copy of my I-20 as well?

Dear Applicant,

We have “Recieved” your Application however we are unable to proceed with the application due to the following reasons: