VFS GLOBAL U.S.A - Cannot add customer

Please Help! I am trying to renew my mom’s passport on this all glitched out VFS Global website but it won’t let me add new customer. When I fill out all the details and click on submit it brings me back to same screen. ???

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Hi Khanna,
After address validation courier service, when I click on submit, I am seeing error on home page ‘Invalid session, kindly initiate your application schedule/reschedule again’
Is it the same error you are facing?

Hi Srikanth,

Were you able to add customer before this step without any issues?

yes Ravali, use the link VFS : Registered Login

After address validation for courier service I am getting error

We couldn’t get past the add customer. Whats you center ? I was using the same link

my center is San Francisco

OKAY, thank you. I dont think VFS is ready and this is just to kill time until they are ready. Nov 4th - my a**
these people fooled Indian Government by showing some pages that doesnt work . good for them

i am facing the same problem for my daughter.

How did you add customer? I facing the problem at the early stage.

I agree. This much issues in the basic application flow ??? Have they even tested this application before releasing ? Or did they create a page over night and handed it over saying you are ready to go ! This process should NOT be so hard. Each step is a road block.

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I faced this problem for 2 days and out of curiosity I tried the mobile version and it worked smoothly, maybe lucky but worth a try.

I tried it today using the “already created profile” link on the website, which is VFS : Registered Login, and it worked! I was facing a similar issue about not being able to create a customer before. Haven’t tried it on mobile.

I had similar issue adding New Customer, I waited couple of days and gave it try Nov 9th Monday . Looks like they corrected all glitches.

I have the same issue…after clicking submit invalid/session - This is for SFO mission.

Now the New Customer form is working as @emailchld said, It worked for me on Nov 9th.
but the Shipping form is not working and tied contacting them and they asked to go with own shipping labels.
Is it fine to go with own shipping labels option ?

Just wanted to agree and say VFS is a bunch of fools and terrible website that doesn’t work and terrible customer service