VFS - passport renewal - Courier Service Address issue - help!

so i filled the application form on Indian embassy website and while filing the vfs application form, I choose VFS provided shipping service and at the “Add Courier Service Address” - when i enter my address it gives me this error -

“Either your address was not validated successfully by FEDEX or your address validation is not applicable for your location. If you proceed then we will consider it as your consent to send address correction invoices for additional charges incurred by VFS Global. Click Ok to proceed, Cancel to go back and select Pre-paid label instead”

I receive all my packages here from fedex, usps, ups etc., , I am not sure why the error and when i click on ok, it still doesnt let me go through…

  1. anyone faced similar issue, did you use your own shipping labels, if yes, which company?
  2. if we use own label, did you send return envelope and label or just label?

Hi Vikas

I am facing the similar issue while trying to renew . i have written an email to vfs. Meanwhile did you find any workaround for this issue. if so please let me know. Thanks in advnace.

follow my post on reddit here, i have listed what i have done for now-> https://www.reddit.com/r/h1b/comments/193riuh/vfs_passport_renewal_shipping_address_issue_help/