VFS Refund Policy in USA - Questions & Answers

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How much time does it take for VFS to actually cancel(not refund) the application so that one can create a new one with correct details?

I filled-up OCI form but didn’t opt for courier service for returning the passport after verification.

For sending self arranged courier label for passport, went to UPS and they denied giving the shipping label saying once it is generated it can’t leave the store.

On USPS site for generating the label it asks for the date and time the shipping will happen which is uncertain at this time as it depends on VFS when they send the passport back.

Tried calling VFS help desk but nobody picks up.

So thought the best way would be to just cancel the application and recreate it.

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@Jay_Saraf Sorry to hear about your situation.
How did you send your application ?
I am currently in a similar situation where I have to arrange for labels to ship the application and back so please share your experience.