VFS site gives payment error even before entering payment info

I have completed the application on the Indian Govt website. I started an application on the VFS site but did not get through to the payment stage. When I retrieve the application, I get the error below

Error message: “Our servers have not received a response from your bank or card company, or you have not completed the payment process. If you are getting this message means that response is still awaited, and this may take up to 5 hours . If you don’t get any email notification in 5 hours, then retrieve your application and complete the payment process again.”

It has been much more than 5 hours. I tried to submit a query through https://vfs.mioot.com/forms/In/USA/PS/ and the form simply does not submit (using Chrome).

I also called their paid hotline and all they did was take my info and said that they will forward to tech team.

How do I go about getting access to my application and completing the payment?

There might be some technical glitch (it has happened in the past). Give it a day. Hopefully, it will be sorted out soon.

This is urgent for me. Is there an email to contact VFS? Their contact-us form does not work either. I called the paid line but no update on that since then.

You can reach out to them @VFSGlobalCare on Twitter.

Try clearing cache cookies and restart pc

Use diff browser or diff pc if u have

Esp if u chrome first time use firefox secondtime

Do this after 5hrs

It worked for me if i use one more laptop with firefox browser (previously used chrome)

Yeah kind of irritating but no option for us

What did you end up doing? Also running into this though it hasn’t been 5 hours yet for me.

Hi there,
I’m running into this issue… wondering what resolved it for you.


I just had to wait some number of hours and the issue went away. I forget exactly how long I had to wait.

Clear Cache or try different browser

For anyone running into this same issue, wait for 2-3 hours. You should be able to retrieve the application, and payment link. In case that doesn’t work, you will have to create an entirely new application on the govt website, and then use that reference number to create a new application on VFS and make a payment. VFS SUCKS!

You have to wait 3-5 business days for that payment process to cancel, no other way around it. But should work in a week, they apparently do it to thwart double payments from going through