VFSGlobal -Gateway time-out - Unable to create an application and make payment

I have been trying to create an application on VFS Global site to make fee payment but the website glitches out. Is there anyone facing similar issues? Or has anyone been able to figure out a way to sort out website related issues?

I have tried at least 15 times in last 6 hrs. Looks like VFS website is a piece of crap.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



Did you try with a different browser or a computer just to rule out endpoint issue? It could also be a temp glitch on the VFS website.
You can contact VFS if it persist.


I have tried 3 different machines with Chrome, Firefox and edge browser and none of them seem to work. I keep getting same host error from host(row1.vfsglobal.com). The contact list page is not opening for me.


Would you know if there is any email id to reach VFS?

Thanks for all your help.

~frustrated VFS customer

Hope you tried today. Systems, sometimes, go down during weekends for maintenance. Also, the registration expires after 30 inactive days from the last application date. So you might have to re-register.

Try this link.