Hi All,
Yesterday I got my H4 visa stamped. But it contains an annotation “EXCEPTED FROM OR NOT SUBJECTED TO PP 10052”. Can someone please help me to understand what does that means and whether I can travel to US anytime now?


did you travel from US for the stamping or were you in India when PP10052 was passed (June 22nd 2020 ) ??

I was in India, but my spouse was in US.

You can travel without any issue. Don’t worry.

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I am also having the same annotation on visa stamp and entered into usa without any issue in Nov 2020.

Now I would like to go to India and want to book a slot. Am I eligible for interview waiver program(dropbox) with this annotation? Somewhere I saw like you are not eligible for dropbox if you have annotation like ‘clearence received’…
so my question is … are they consider the wording only ‘clearence received’ ? The ‘exception from or not subject pp …’ will also comes this category and not eligible for dropbox? …please advise…


There are only 2 annotations currently explicitly mentioned while checking eligibility criteria for Dropbox on CGI website. If your prior Visa didn’t have either of these, you should be good.

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Ok got it. Thanks Pankaj.

Hi Anil, I have got my H1B stamping with Annotation: Excepted From or Not Subject to PP 10052. I went for VISa interview during March 8th 2021 but I was not issued VISA that time and got 221G. Later in April, I’ve received a mail to submit Passport for stamping. I’ve got my passport back with VISA stamping but seeing annotation. I am really wondering what does it means since 10052 is not in effect right now. I really appreciate your timely advice here

Please read my responses above.

Hi Anil,

I have got a H1b extension stamping with EXCEPTED FROM OR NOT SUBJECT to PP 10052 in Feb 2021 and i came back to USA in 2021 it self. I have a travel plan this year. Can i travel to India and come back with out issue?. Is this Presidential Proclamation 10052 is still place ?. Pls let me know.