Visa bulletin prediction questions (from your apps)

Hi @anil_am22 ,

Looks like for the PD Feb 8th, 2014 it is showing as EB3 FA: Jan 2023 from your 12 month predcitions AM22Tech Apps - USA, Australia, Canada forms, Visa and Immigration

whereas for the same date. It is showing as Jul, 2027 (EB3 Final Action Chart) from AM22Tech Apps - USA, Australia, Canada forms, Visa and Immigration

which one is more latest/accurate?

Also, some third party app showing better results. Looks like they are also on top of all wastages etc.,

Can you please comment on these? Thank you in advance

Hi @Tammali_Manoj

We can explain the estimate mismatch if you can share the screenshot of the ‘options’ that you are selecting.

The app takes into account what you select and then calculates wastage, usage and possible movement of the bulleting every month.

We have given the options that we selected for the 12 month prediction on the article and have then shared it.

Your selected options may be different and hence a different result.

We can’t comment on third party apps and the logic they are using. The ‘better’ is relative and depends on how you perceive the results.

Our app takes into account all the options you choose with respect to wastage, possible duplicate i140s, processing speed, past visa bulletin movements and lot of other stuff to count the number of GCs that will be available in next 12 months. We have tried to make it as realistic as possible.

Thanks for sharing your feedback. We appreciate it.

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Great, got it. Thanks

I think, I selected Worst case option. Looks like 12 month predictions on the article are based on Best case scenario?

Also, when can we know how much wastage is happening like by May 2022? In other words what date can we know the option(worst/Avg/Best) we are thrown into.

Thanks in advance

Its better to assume the ‘worst case’ scenario will happen this year based on what USCIS did last year!

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Thanks @anil_am22

For my PD 27 Aug, 2015.
From your app, it shows below:
Worst case - 2040
Best case - 2032

However, from different app, it shows Jan 2023. That is way off predictions.

I know you can’t comment on third-party apps, but just posting that there is a big delta here in predictions.

Best Regards,

Its your choice to believe whatever you think is better.

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Just wondering, this app looks to be broken, any idea?

Hitting Could not connect with server.

Are you logged in to the app? It works only if you log in and then check.

yes, I did log in. can you verify it once? Thanks Anil

Its working for me.

Try refreshing the browser page as sometimes the error shows up if you are running an old of this website/web-app.

I did refresh/cleared cookies with multiple browsers
Still the same issue, any suggestions for Aug 27, 2015?